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Naturelo is the Mexican brand with international presence, leading in the production of Natural, Healthy and Sustainable foods, recognized for our innovation, quality and respect for the Environment.

Our products are created to provide you with delicious and authentic textures and flavors, offering at the same time, health for you and for our planet.


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It is Healthy

Naturelo products are made from the highest quality natural ingredients, we use only Non GMO grains, and we process them with technologies that better preserve the nutrients in the grains we use.

Our plant and process in Querétaro is Gluten Free so our products are also ideal for people sensitive or intolerant to this protein.

Unlike other flours, with our patented process, we manage to maintain practically 100% of the dietary fiber and nutrients of the grains we process even in the most difficult cases where they require cooking processes to improve their performance and digestibility.

Studies conducted by the Autonomous University of Querétaro have shown that foods made with Naturelo Corn Masa could have very important benefits for patients with advanced diabetes compared to those made with commercial flours.

It is known that eating whole grains helps in the control of obesity, Reduces the risk of suffering cardiovascular diseases, Reduces the risk of suffering cancer and other diseases of the digestive system in addition to many other benefits.

The result of our efforts are healthier, tastier and more nutritious foods.


It is Delicious

Naturelo was born with the conviction that the most delicious foods are also the healthiest.

Our processes allow us to better preserve the flavors and nutrients of the high quality grains we use.

With Naturelo you get extraordinary textures and delicious and authentic flavors.


It is Sustainable

We all know of the serious damage that mankind has caused to nature, out of ignorance or ambition, and the consequences of this behavior.

Fortunately our world is a living being that wants to be healthy, and we are convinced that we can all help to reverse the damage and make the world a wonderful place for generations to come.

Every year billions of gallons of clean water are wasted to make corn masa in Mexico and all over the world.

In Naturelo we have the solution to reduce in 90% the waste of water of an industry that only in Mexico consumes more than 14 million liters every single day.

By saving water, we also use less fuel, we release less CO2 into the environment, and our grains retain their nutrients better.

Thanks to the trust and commitment of our clients, Naturelo today is a reality that helps you and Our Planet to be healthier.

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