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Our technology

At Sodif SA de CV we develop our own Green Technologies.

We believe that by working together our world can be made better each day, and with the Naturelo line of products we are making our contribution.

This conviction lead us to dream, meet challenges, and work hard to convert our vision into realities that in turn resulted in great competitive advantages and which generate within us a great pride and caring in our work.

Thanks to the support we have received from CONACYT, today our products are made using Technologies that are the most efficient, clean, and healthy that we know of.

Our patented technology allows us to manufacture superior quality flours, eliminating 100% of polluted effluents and at the same time saving 90% of the water consumed by modern plants using other technologies.

Technology developed with support from



In contrast to other technologies, our patented process allows us to maintain practically 100%...

Taste it!

We all know that a hand-made tortilla made from native corn...

Earth friendly

We all know the serious damages that man as a species has caused to Nature...