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Earth friendly

We all know the serious damages that man as a species has caused to Nature because of ignorance or ambition.

Fortunately, our World is a living thing that wants to be healthy, and we are convinced that working together we can help reverse the damage and help our Earth be a marvelous place for the generations that come after us.

In Mexico and in the rest of the world, we consume many, many millions of liters of potable water each day in the making of corn flour using the nixtamal process.

If all of the flour made in Mexico were made using our technology, it would save about 13 million liters of drinking water each day!

Thanks to the confidence and commitment of our clients, with the Naturelo product line we are making our contribution to have a better world.



In contrast to other technologies, our patented process allows us to maintain practically 100%...

Taste it!

We all know that a hand-made tortilla made from native corn...