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Our Clients

Our clients are businesses and small shop owners who are committed to high quality and take pride in the products they offer. Naturelo products give the opportunity to offer health and wellbeing to your clients, and let you feel the pride of contributing to a healthier world.


Tortillerias that make their products using Naturelo flour are distinguished from all the others by competitive prices, superior quality and flavor,respect for our environment and personalized customer service.

Packed products

Volume producers of Tortillas, Tostadas, Frituras, etc., obtain immediate advantages in labeling and promoting their products as healthy and earth-friendly.


Grocery chains who offer high fiber, great tasting Naturelo tortillas can clearly show to their customers their commitment to bettering health and environment, without increasing their costs.


Naturelo signifies tasty, healthy, nutritious, lower cost and earth-friendly. This powerful combination is perfect for Government and NGO programs aimed at disaster relief, hunger mitigation, and others that demand high quality food products delivered at reasonable prices.



In contrast to other technologies, our patented process allows us to maintain practically 100%...

Taste it!

We all know that a hand-made tortilla made from native corn...

Earth friendly

We all know the serious damages that man as a species has caused to Nature...