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They are working people and companies, committed to health, quality and the environment; people who are proud of the products they offer to their families and their customers.

Naturelo products give them the opportunity to offer pleasure, health and well-being to their loved ones and our clients feel the pride of doing their part to achieve a healthier world.


When a restaurant seeks the loyalty of its customers, it offers the best dishes, the most authentic flavors that surprise the explorers, and make the connoisseurs remember and fall in love with their cuisine and experience.

In addition to offering the best taste and quality, Naturelo gives your restaurant the opportunity to differentiate itself as the healthy and sustainable option that more and more customers demand.

Health Food Shops

If you have a health food store, Naturelo is a great ally for your business, with truly different products and attractive plans that will help you earn more money while surprising your most demanding customers.


Naturelo means: Tasty, Healthy, Nutritious and Sustainable, this powerful combination makes our products ideal for Government Programs, Disaster Care, Altruistic Programs, NGOs and all institutions with the need to provide excellent quality food with long shelf life without use of preservatives.

People like
you and me

If you like tasty and healthy food and you feel good when you do something for your planet, you are a Naturelo customer!

High Quality Tortillas and Bread Manufacturers

The Brands that use the Naturelo products in their formulas, are distinguished from others by their authenticity, their quality, flavor and respect for the environment.


We have the production capacity to attend to big chains like yours and to develop differentiated and quality products that adapt to your market.